Your AI Reply Assistant just got smarter 🧠

We’re happy to announce some exciting updates to our new AI Reply Assistant, designed to help save you even more time and align your replies with your brand.

⚡ Smart Snippets: empower your AI with business-specific insights

Smart Snippets lets you "teach" your AI Reply Assistant how to handle up to 10 recurring praise or complaints specific to your business (like “expensive parking” or “amazing breakfast”).

Just feed these into your assistant along with how you’d typically reply. From then on, whenever these familiar topics come up in reviews, AI Reply Assistant will reply based on your guidance.

📣 Tone of Voice and Response Length: tailor replies to reflect your business

Our latest update also includes advanced customisation features that let you tune your AI's responses to mirror your brand's identity. With the Tone of Voice feature, decide whether your AI speaks in a formal or informal style, ensuring your responses consistently embody your brand.

Moreover, with the Response Length option, you have the control to specify the length of your replies - whether that be automatic, detailed or brief.

🔍 Where to find these settings

If you have AI Reply Assistant enabled, you’ll find a ‘Review Stream’ option under your Settings, as pictured below.

Not using AI Reply Assistant yet? Get in touch with your Customer Success Manager to find out how to generate unique, personalised review responses in just one click, starting from 50 EUR a month.